Dalit Sangh               Dalit Sanghhas been working from last 25 yearsfor a class of society which has been a victim of ignorance. The prime objective of the organization is to work for the social, economic and educational development,  bringing awareness for social status, human and other rights and solve the issues related to health, hygiene and employment for this class. In addition to this, the organization also aims at working for the child rights related issues.
   The functional areas of the organization range from Sohagpur and Bankhedi Block of Hoshangabad district to Harda Block of the Harda district.The organization in association with the institution like Action Aid, TDH, UNDP, UNICEF and Sight Savers work for backward class rights, health education, biodiversity conservation on the basis of traditional skills of the Pardhi community and executes many projects for the innocent children and the rehabilitation of the blind people.
               Besides, the organization continuously works for the education of the deprived children and for the health and the rehabilitation of the old age people.

Dalit Sangh